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Since the producers screened the cast in 2013, Star Wars: The Force Awakens made the viewer excited. As the movie reaches its climax, the film becomes more and more feverish and is the most anticipated work in 2015. When it hits theaters, the film satisfies its fans by recalling the nostalgic ambiance of the three original episodes, instead of Make a new breakthrough story. If want to see this movie, I suggest here to watch Star Wars the force awakens watch online free.

The new plot contains much in common with the first movie, A New Hope. The film tells the story of a farmer named Luke living in the deserted Tatooine desert, caught up in the war between the Jedi faction – the dark side – and discovers his knight status. Meanwhile, The Force Awakens is about an orphaned girl named Rey who lives by picking up rubbish in the desert planet Jakkhu. One day, she is caught up in the battle between the descendants of the dark side and the faction. From here, Rey gradually discovered the real part.

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By classic plot, the film pulls the viewer into a vast, rich, life-filled universe filmed by legendary filmmaker George Lucas four decades ago. At the beginning of the film, the audience sank into the air of warfare between the Stormtrooper’s corps wearing bizarre masks like the Japanese samurai on a distant and ancient planet. Follow a talking robot, a traitor, and an orphan girl then goes through the galaxy, meet knights, humans, fictitious creatures, enter pubs. In the universe and witness the fights, random but deadly shootings.

Between the vicious battles of the factions, scenes of bustling life, rich poetry and music on the planet as if only the burning and burning sun are exciting. The details that made “the spirit” Star Wars recurring fully in the new movie. Cosmic pilots flew the ships and bombarded the enemy with colored ammunition, the Jedi knight swords with light to fight the enemy or use their power. Invisible Force to hypnotize and control others.

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